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3D printers for product development and engineering

Mass Portal 3D Printers and Filament Dryers

High quality, flexible 3D printing for desktop and workshop

Desktop 3D printers

Standalone 3D Printers

Filament Dryers


Get quality 3D printing results by tapping into our know-how and experience.

Print Service

Submit your files in common 3D formats for quick quoting, and get quality parts printed with our own technology.

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Solution development

Development services for low-volume manufacturing and mass-customized 3D printing applications.

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Automated 3D printing for unattended low volume manufacturing and customized products

Applications and Use Cases

In many cases, the most feasible solution for single unit, low volume and mass-customized manufacturing

Product development

Benefit from high quality prototypes for best feedback and communication.


Precision prints to help during engineering of manufacturing processes and design features.


Manufacturing end use parts and helper tools in variety of suitable materials.

Materials for Mass Portal 3D printers

Outstanding printing results with high-performance materials from leading manufacturers

Engineering materials from expert extrusion company.

Various grades of quality materials for different needs.

Engineering materials for manufacturing applications.

Selection of materials from a performace 3D printing specialist.

A wide catalog of materials for various 3D applications.

Outstanding range of high quality materials with great printability.

A number of unique engineering materials from Mitsubishi Chemical.

Specialty manufacturer of dissolvable support materials.

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