Mass Portal Standalone 3D Printers

Capable 3D printing systems for product development, engineering and prototyping workshops

Mass Portal MP600

Standalone 3D printer well suited for most mid-size jobs.

Mass Portal MP1200

Print real-world objects up to 1m height x 0,6m diameter.

Heated print chamber

Build parts without deformations due to stable chamber temperature.

Integrated filament dryers

Optimal printing with moisture-sensitive polymerss.

Filament runout detection

Print large parts without worrying about timely material change.

Front loading

All regular controls and material loading from the front side.

Remote control and monitoring

Integrated camera and software features for remote control.

Open materials

Use many therpomaplastic materials from many independent vendors.

Dual nozzle hotend

Dual high-temperature all-metal hotends with liquid cooling.

Air filtration

Air filtration system for safe use in workshops and offices.


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