Mass Portal Desktop 3D printers

Flexible 3D printers for product development, engineering and protoyping

Mass Portal MP20

The original high-resolution desktop 3D printer

Build area: 200mm (diamter) x 200mm height

Mass Portal MP30

Mid-size desktop 3D printer — fast and flexible machine

Build area: 300mm (diamter) x 300mm height

Dual materials

All-metal, 300°C dual nozzle hotend  for maximum flexibility. 

Heated printbed

Heated glass printbed supports many coating options.

Enclosed chamber

Passive-heated chamber for stable printing results.

Air filtration

Four-fan air filtration and circulation system.

Automatic leveling

Built in sensor for automatic printbed height adjustment.

Open materials

Supports materials from multiple independent vendors.

Remote control

Built-in camera and software for remote control and monitoring.


Process parameter development software for any material.

Great printing results

In the right hands, these machines are capable of great printing results.

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