Application examples

Mass Portal 3D printers are used in various fields to quickly print high quality parts.

Product visualization

Product development

End-use parts and functional prototypes for automotive, motorsports and restoration

End-use parts in various grades of PA, PC, ABS, ASA and TPU.

Product design for additive manufacturing process

Accelerating product development and testing in real-world materials.

End-use mechanical components

Reducing costs and increasing flexibility of manufacturing operations with in-house 3D printing.

Customized footwear

Food manufacturing

Pop-up exhibition

Custom scoliosis braces

Lasts for making custimized shoes

Molds for dental clear aligners

Customized sports mouthguards

Customized medical devices

Customized leg supports

Process parameter development and testing specimens

Helping an injured stork

Mechanical part prototypes

High-resulution extrusion printing

Product development & functional prototyping


Customized cycling accessories parts

Lithophany 3D printing

Customized insoles